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Art Fusion Studio

Rick & Tracey Bewley:  
  We are mixed media artists and have been collaborating together as Art Fusion Studio for about 19 years.  We enjoy working in many materials including glass, metal, wood and acrylic fabrication.  We are a husband and wife team with different and complementary abilities that allow us to design and fabricate very unique art.   
  We are both drawn to mixing materials that highly contrast each other, like glass and concrete, or acrylic and rusted steel.  This dichotomy of these materials leads you to examine each more closely, to notice the natural blend of colors in the rust and the complexity of reflections on a polished surface. In particular we love to include an element of transparency by creating openings or adding glass, so that lighting, natural or otherwise,  becomes an important part of the sculpture. The transparency also adds depth as the layers of construction are revealed and the landscape on the other side becomes a part of the design.

  Come see us at our open studio & art gallery at 1218 N. Western Ave. in OkC!

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